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About Us

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about EQS. Established in 2001, our herbal supplement company provides quality herbs for horses and canine. We are dedicated to meet the needs of the horse and canine owners with exceptional products, providing good service along with affordable prices. Herbs are the original go-to source for health and wellness for canine and horses.

Today, an increasing number of individuls are recognizing that herbs as alternatives to horse supplements and canine supplements  can do amazing things. but, as with any products, (and especially one that's consumed) quality is everything when it comes to effectiveness. 

Equine Science only the finest quality herbs for horses and canine, precisely formulated and pelletized for better consumption. We belive health is a work in progress, and every dy we make choices for ourselfs and our aniamls that move us closer to , or away from, a state of optimal health. Equine Science strives to provide dog owners and horse enthusiasts with the highest quality all natural herbal alternatives for horse supplements and dog supplements avaliable.

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