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Herbal Bute - pelletized

Herbal Bute - pelletized

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A combination of herbs known for their anti-inflammatory and pain relieving qualities.

Recommended Amount: Feed 1 oz scoop per day based on 1,000 lb. horse. (1 oz scoop provided)

Ingredient: Devil's Claw, Cats Claw, White Willow, Meadowsweet, Yucca, Peppermint


Customer Testimonials:

Herbal Bute
I have a horse, donkey and pony rescue and rehab. I have been using your Herbal Bute with great success. I am giving it to my ponies that have blood poisoning and have foundered and have white line with very sore hooves. Also on some of the older retirement horses with arthritis and DJD.

Ann P - 2011

Herbal Bute
Just wanted to say Thank You for your Herbal Bute product!! We have a 34 year old retired Gymkhana horse (Bear)he has arthritis, so we started him Herbal Butes recommended from my farrier. Bear was having trouble walking and would not even go out to pasture. We decided to try giving him 2 scoops of the Herbal Bute twice a day. WHAT A DIFFERENCE !!!! Not only is he walking much better, he even RAN up the path to the barn from his pasture.My husband and I were so happy to see him back to his old self.

Jim and Laurie L.
Copperopolis, CA

Herbal Bute
Don, I have been using your Herbal Bute for a very arthritic 30 yr. old gelding and guess what it works!!! He was moving more confortably after only 5 ounces given in 5 feeding ..... what a Great product !!!!!!.

Kim - 2011
Mifflin, Pa.

Herbal Bute
Don, I wanted to relay an update with some good news about Marley! Just as you mentioned, today completed day 2 of Marley being on the Herbal Bute and ... I can honestly say he was feeling better!! It is a short but steep walk to the ring and he has always stumbled either coming, going, or both. Not today! Up and down with sure footing - this is a first! He was walking with a bit more energy, not the tentative "tender foot" walk. We are keeping his exercise time short, 20 minutes with mostly walking and some trotting as he is able. Both my daughter and I were encouraged today - it did our hearts good to see Marley feeling better :) Also, his hair is growing in slowly but surely over the wound areas and where he is "molting". There is a broader area all along his neck where he is molting now, but I feel it will be replaced with healthy skin and hair. That's it - I really just wanted to share the good news and how encouraged we are. I look forward to seeing how your products continue to transform Marley! I am so grateful for your products, service, and support!

Laurie St. Denis
Sarsota, FL. 2009