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Blood Booster - Pelletized

Blood Booster - Pelletized

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A blend of herbs used to enhance blood circulation and remove toxins from the blood. Helps to increase stamina and endurance in anemic horses.

Recommended Amount: Feed 1 oz scoop per day. Based on 1,000 lb horse.
(1 oz scoop provided)

Ingredients: Kelp, Nettle, Parsley, Rosehips, Pau D' Arco,awthorn Dandelion


Customer Testimonials:

Blood Booster
Just to let you know how well your 'Blood Booster' has worked on our performance horse. "Clifford", our 1-D barrel horse, is 8 yrs old and our vet told us that he had a low iron blood count. He just did not have any spark around the barrels. We knew we needed to find an iron replacement product that would give us the results our horse needed to put him at the top of his game. We had him on a popular iron replacement product, but we bacame concerned as to the possible health risks that it might cause. Then we talked to Don at Equine Science and got the product that works !!!! After putting him on a scoop every morning, he definitely has the energy for which we were looking. Now we have the peace of mind knowing that it is completely safe for our horse, while giving him the energy he needs to complete his job and send us to the pay window. Thanks Don, for all you help !!!!!

Linda Wells
Madisonville, Tn. - 2010