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Cushing Plus Vitamin E- Pelletized

Cushing Plus Vitamin E- Pelletized

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This herbal blend helps to balance the pituitary and hypothalamus glands of Cushing horses.

Recommended Amount: Feed 1 oz scoop twice a day . Based on 1,000 lb. horse (1 oz scoop provided)

Ingredients: Burdock, Chase Tree, Kelp, Ginseng, Fenugreek, Pau D' Arco, Rosehips, Milk Thistle, Sage, Vitamin E 20,000 I/U, Peppermint, Ashwagandha. 

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Customer Testimonials:
Wow, check out this before & after 4 months on Cushings Free (2023) 

I am so glad I found your company "Equine Science". Your Cushing Blend has been a major help to our horse Chole. I really can't thank you enough for your help and recommendations. Ruth Burroughs 2020

I just wanted to let you know Rusty (Shetland pony) with re-occurring laminitis is still doing good. He still gets laminitis (do to hay changes, weather and so on) but he is able to stay stable on Cushing's Blend. He was dx with Insulin Resistance some time ago and this is the only product that consistently helps him. I give him one scoop split between feedings. He has a new companion mini that gets him moving - he is able to do this because of you herbs.

Thanks again
- Dawn D., 2013

Hi Don,
I just wanted to share with you how happy I am that I switched my horse to your Cushings Blend. I have a 20 yr old Morgan gelding who was diagnosed with Cushings about 5 years ago. He has been on pergolide since his diagnosis with moderate success but he was still prone to bouts of laminitis in the fall and spring and was never able to go out on grass in the summer without the use of a muzzle. I also had to clip his heavy coat every spring because he was no longer able to shed out and by March! April it's already getting pretty warm here in coastal Georgia. My friend and barefoottrimmer, Lauren Gruber, recommended your product to me as an alternative to the pergolide. I admit to being very skeptical at first, but finallydecided to give it a try. I am truly amazed at the difference in my horse!! He completely shed out this spring without ever having to clip him. The Cushings Blend is also providing the much needed support allowing him to continue to live in a herd of 24 horses turned out 2417 without the use of a muzzle. Several people at the boarding barn have noticed the difference in him this year and have commented on how good he looks. I can't thank you enough for providing such a great product!

- Catherine M. in Savannah, GA

Just wanted to updte Rusty (shetland pony) - He is doing great !! He is running and feeling good. I still have him on 3/4 scoop in a.m. and 1/2 scoop of Cushings Blend at night. He is a much happier pony.

- Dawn D. - 2010

I have been buying Cushings Blend for approx. a little over 2 months for my 15 yr. old Shetland Pony (375lbs). Initially my pony had moderate laminitis, depressed and lacking spunk. Although he has not been diagnosed with Cushings he has been diagnosed with Insulin Rsistance. This pony presented with alot of Cushings symptoms: winter laminitis, abnomal sweating flank and under abdomen, swelling above the eyes, depression and increased insulin levels, I chose this product over Equine Sugar Balance because of the ingredient Chasteberry. My pony was previously on another Chasteberry product but I chose to stop in November because he was doing fine (my mistake). I found this product and decided to give it a try. I had him on this product about a month when I decided to double the dose. On the previous product I used the recommended. Within a few weeks I noticed his attitude improved and the swelling above his eyes was going away. Now a little over 2 months his laminitis is improving. I feel this product definitely is helping my pony. I will keep him on the recommended dosage year around.
Thank you!
- Dawn D. - 2010

I am so glad I found your company "Equine Science". Your Cushing Blend has been a major help to our horse. Our warmblood gelding Sam was diagnosed with Cushings from our local Veterinarian in August 2009. He prescribed Pergolyde for him and the medication made my horse swell up terribly. Sam was feeling worse and worse and we had to discontinue the medication. I was trying desperately to figure out what to do next. A colleague at my husband's work recommended your company and I talked to you over the phone about my horse. You suggested I try this new product you have called Cushing Blend. When we first started giving it to my horse, Sam could barely walk he was so lame and in pain. He gradually felt better and better and went from a totally lame horse to a horse who is back to work and will be shown in a dressage show at the end of February. He is so happy and moving beautifully and we are so glad to have him back and free of pain!! I will continue to buy this product, in fact I just put in another order for it today. Thank you so much for your help. If we had not found this product I don't know how long it would have taken Sam to recover or if he would have recovered at all. At the moment his Cushings symptoms are under control and I am hoping this product will help him in the management of this horrible disease. I really can't thank you enough for your help.

Beth Graham - Owner/Manager
Misty Meadows Stable and Training Facility
Southport, FL, 2010