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Immune Booster Plus Vitamin E- Pelletized

Immune Booster Plus Vitamin E- Pelletized

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A blend of natural herbs that may help with strengthening the immune system, Vitamin E is the #1 antioxidant in the horse's body. Also helps in protecting against inflammation.

Recommended Amount: Feed 1 oz scoop per day based on 1,000 lb. horse. (1 ounce scoop provided)

Ingredient: Echinacea, Dandelion, Ginseng, Garlic, Rosehip, Flaxseed, Vitamin E 5,000 IU/Per Ounce, Ashwagandha.

3 LB-$67.00

Customer Testimonials:

Immune Booster
Have to tell you we are seeing some pretty Great results with the Immune Booster.Had a horse with perdontal abscess had a $3000 dollar surgery won't heal big big mess was to the point we where just going to sell.... it seems as if it is healing he is looking and feeling well .... also have a young horse doing poorly won't keep weight on had his teeth done and chiro work still doing poorly we started him and I think with a 1-1/2 weeks I am seeing a difference too .... our daughters horse got a hoof abscess this spring won't heal we started him and we are riding him !!!!!!!!!!

Clark Larive - 2009
Sturgis, SD