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Senior Blend - Pelletized

Senior Blend - Pelletized

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Senior blend provides herbs necessary to help improve the energy level, strengthen the immune system, and improve the digestion of the senior horse.

Recommended Amount:Feed 1 oz scoop per day. Based on 1,000 lb horse. (1 oz scoop provided)

Ingredient: Yucca, Kelp, Flaxseed, Ginseng, Rosehips, Burdock, Cleavers, Eyebright, Gingko, Hawthorn, Peppermint, Finnel and Slippery Elm


Customer Testimonials:

Senior Blend
I just have to brag about the Senior Blend. Our gelding is 31 years old.He is doing great, but for years, he would colic every spring and fall when the weather changes. I put him on Senior Blend in March and he made it into the summer with no collic. I thought okay I'll keep him on Senior Blend and we made it through December with no colic. Even my vet asked about JJ, because he knew that I would be calling.Thanks again.Great product.My new gelding is on the Extra Calm.It really works, as he gets very nervous before a run and Extra Calm really helps.

Donna Warner
Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Senior Blend
Just wanted to let you know how much your Senior Blend has helped our 29-year old Arabian mare. We adopted Cliqua almost 2 years ago. She was lethargic, depressed and slow. We started supplementing her diet with yourb>Senior Herb Blend about 1 year ago and she has light in her eyes, is alert and engaged, and has more spring in her step. We firmly believe that with the combination of good nutrition, your herb mix and the love we have for her, our Cliqua is one happy lady!!! Thank you!

Mechelle Sieg
Taylor, TX. 2009

Senior Blend, Special Joint Blend, and Hoof, Coat, Skin Blend
In July we bought Marley, a 17 year old quarter horse for my 13 year old daughter who was excited to continue with her hunter jumper training. Unfortunately, when he stepped off the trailer at his new home we saw a lame, underweight, dull horse. A vet checked confirmed sore/inflamed suspensory ligaments in both front legs, weak muscles, underwight, dull coat, very tender soles, and thin hoof walls. In addition - he had numerous cuts and lacerations from being picked on by other horses. Marley was so sore he could barely walk, and certainly could not be ridden by my daughter anytime soon. There were so many issues it was hard to know where to start.

I emailed Don at Equine Science and he quickly contacted me so we could discuss a "plan of action". He took his time answering my questions and made several recommendations to get Marley on the road to recovery and provide some relief for him. In 6 weeks Marley had gained about 60 pounds, his coat was beginning to shine, wounds healing, his soreness was significantly reduced, and the dull look in his eyes was replaced with sweet, bright eyes!

It has now been almost 3 months and Marley is a totally different horse! My daughter rides him 4 times a week and she plans to show him the first of the year. I am confident his remarkable recovery is a result of the quality herbs/products from Equine Science and Don's insightful recommendations for care. Thank you Don for giving this horse a second chance and renewed life - we are so grateful !!!!

P.S. Marley is on Senior Blend, Special Joint Blend and Hoof, Coat, Skin Blend

Laurie St. Denis
Sarasota, Florida 2009